Book Launch and thoughts around the book

Good afternoon readers!  This is the first blog of many to come.  The wave of emotions I have already experienced has been overwhelming. For starters I am a first time author which has brought me a large bag of mixed emotions.  Some of these have included excitement, (I actually did it!!) humility, (I just bore my soul for this cause.. wait what was I thinking?) and  of course good old fear (Yeah!! What were you thinking? Will they even like the book?)  and then the wave of emotions when I received my first review. It was a positive and heartfelt review that triggered the flow of tears running down my cheeks. The best word to describe how I have been feeling is awe.  “a feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear and wonder” Yup that’s me!! What a ride and we have only just started!!

Even though Scars Among Us has just come out, I have had the privilege of hearing from many of my readers about their own personal stories of trauma. I am both honoured and humbled to listen to each individual. Each story is unique, yet the emotions bring familiarity to the journey each person has travelled.  As we share there has been a sense of community, less isolation within my heart and those who have opened up. There is a sense of healing and acceptance as we begin to open and share.  Thank you everyone!!

We are having our Launch Party for the book on January the 16th 2019.  It will start at 7pm at our local library. We planned it as Christmas is just around the corner and we can all only focus on so much at a time!  I will add details as they become available.

I always enjoy hearing from my readers so if you would like to the invitation is open to sending me an email.  I will respond back as quickly as I am able.

Happy Holidays Everyone!!

CS Hunt


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