Stepping out

Good evening everyone.  It has been just a few short weeks with the launch of my book and already more heartening then I ever imagined possible.  Opening up and sharing my story has taught me the strength there is in allowing oneself to be vulnerable and authentic. It’s as though I am on this incredible mountain with the most beautiful scenery ever imagined.  The thing is, looking down the side of this mountain I see  the depth of just how high I have climbed, and if I fell I would surely face my death.  As I gaze to the other side where I must travel, I see a beauty everywhere. I have been assured that there is a bridge that will take me across but I must have faith as it will only appear as I step into the open air risking falling to my death. As I take that leap of faith, an overwhelming surge of adrenaline rushes throughout my body along with an overpowering wave of emotions.  Taking that first step I am filled with joy, as beneath me I am watching the start of a bridge forming underneath my feet. I don’t know where this bridge will carry me but I am being authentic to where my soul is guiding me.  Only with the hope, trust and faith in myself, can I cross this bridge that I am unable to see until I take that leap.  With each step, my path is making itself known as I trust and have faith. Where it leads, that I do not know.

Thank you to all of you who have shared your own journeys with me, it has been an honour. I never imagined the impact to hit so many in the most beautiful and powerful manner. Being vulnerable, sharing honestly offers the opportunity for others to share the same.  When we can relate to someone through their honesty we have that moment where we connect and think “Me Too!” and we are less alone. We feel connected. So let’s keep talking!

C.S. Hunt


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