Launch Party and thoughts!!

Well last night was my Launch Party and I have to say it went better then I could have imagined.  The room was packed solid and the support I felt was humbling, it took my breath away.  I have been given some rave reviews and some mediocre reviews.. this is to be expected. I am new to this world and am speaking from my heart.  One of the common words used is that this book can be “dark” at times. This is true. It’s not all of who I was, nor all of who I am… just a piece that I chose to share so that people could get an idea of just what the devastation this form of abuse can bring, and continue to affect the victim long after the act.  It’s in that place where so many victims end up with so much compounded trauma from their inner demons. The reality is that this is trauma is dark and cannot be “fluffed” to make people less uncomfortable.  I chose to go dark so that those who are stuck in that dark place could relate and see that they can re invent their story and make a different ending, different then the one they feel they have been subjected to live as a life sentence.

I risked exposing the darkness from within myself to share what survivors face… the abuse and trauma that follows victims, it can bring them to the darkest of places… they may become lost in addictions, experiencing homelessness or far worse…

I was blessed to have an amazing father, the strength of an incredible step mother, the unconditional love from my Oma and Opa and let’s not forget one incredible husband!! Not everyone is able to change their path as not everyone has that kind of support.  Even in my own supports, I as you will read, was not immune to what trauma does to a human soul.

I had the incredible opportunity to meet more survivors last night and have several coffee dates scheduled for the next couple of weeks.  One of them is in their 80’s and disclosed a traumatic childhood.  The courage this human faced in disclosing now cannot be put into words appropriately. Let’s just say they were an inspiration to me in courage, love and the strength in being vulnerable.  If we can all be a little more vulnerable, then we can be present for each other and help each other one moment at a time.

Thank you everyone, I am truly blessed!!

Let’s keep talking!!!!

CS Hunt


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