Why I wrote this book

When I meet people who have heard about my book, I am often asked as to why I wrote the book. I’d like to share with you today just that!

It was in the beginning of the #METOO movement that I felt compelled to share my story.  Watching so many women stand up and to tell the world that they are survivors of sexual abuse was beyond empowering.  Being a survivor of sexual assault myself, I felt empowered and less ashamed. I didn’t truly understand the shame that I still carried as I thought I had healed.  The “scars” I carry are deep, and can still be reopened I’ve come to learn.  The backlash from this movement began just as quickly as did the movement itself. That is what inspired me to  write this book.  Michelle Obama recently stated the perfect response to the backlash that still continues.  “It’s up to the women out there to say, “Sorry that you feel uncomfortable, but I’m now paving the way for the next generation.”

As I’ve stated before the book is dark, sad but with hope.  I had to go deep within my soul to face the darkness. Exposing my most vulnerable self was difficult, however I did this with the intention that others who are in that dark place, will find familiarity and say to themselves, “I’m not alone, this feeling is not unique.. me too!”  In each woman who now approaches me with her story, I see some sort of unspoken permission in their eyes as they begin to open up and share their own stories.  It has been a blessing to see a weight carried by so many women lift as they begin to speak out breaking down the shame that they felt was theirs to bear.  My message has been there is no shame a victim of sexual abuse needs to own.  Keep your head up and be proud.

The sense of feeling like damaged goods, the shame, the embarrassment and guilt have been wrongly placed on the survivors. As we speak our truth, we empower each other and erase these false beliefs.


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