Launch Party and thoughts!!

Well last night was my Launch Party and I have to say it went better then I could have imagined.  The room was packed solid and the support I felt was humbling, it took my breath away.  I have been given some rave reviews and some mediocre reviews.. this is to be expected. I am […]

Stepping out

Good evening everyone.  It has been just a few short weeks with the launch of my book and already more heartening then I ever imagined possible.  Opening up and sharing my story has taught me the strength there is in allowing oneself to be vulnerable and authentic. It’s as though I am on this incredible […]

Book Launch and thoughts around the book

Good afternoon readers!  This is the first blog of many to come.  The wave of emotions I have already experienced has been overwhelming. For starters I am a first time author which has brought me a large bag of mixed emotions.  Some of these have included excitement, (I actually did it!!) humility, (I just bore […]

About C.S. Hunt

C.S. Hunt is a Mediator with her own private practice.  She has spent most of her career in the non-profit sector working with the most vulnerable citizens in her community as an advocate. Building an inclusive community that ensures the rights and needs for those who do not have a voice has been her passion. […]

Scars Among Us

Catherine is a dream come true for her parents. Their first born child is their most precious gift. The love and joy they feel for her is obvious to everyone who knows them. When tragedy unexpectedly hits, Catherine’s world is turned upside down and the course of her life is forever changed. In this heartbreakingly […]